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Jul 2016
The US currency conspiracy theory still makes no sense to me.

America wants countries to use US Dollars for oil so bad that it ....that it banned Iran from using USD to sell oil
America wants countries to use US Dollars for oil so bad that it ....that it banned Venezula from using USD to sell oil
It makes no sense because you don't have the facts.

Iran was not selling oil in US Dollars, it was selling it in all sorts of other currencies, but basically any currency besides it. The US didn't ban it from using the Dollar, the Iranians themselves did it.

Iran stops selling oil in U.S. dollars

The Venezuelans were never using Dollars to sell oil, they were selling in Euros mostly. Nobody banned them from the outside to possess Dollars, they banned them themselves.

Dollars Are Out, Euros Are In as U.S. Sanctions Sting Venezuela

FYI, every country with a fiat currency turned reserve does this, the US is not the only one. Its the only way to make monopoly money valuable when its not backed by a precious metal or other rare resource. The US does it better because we also base the value of other currencies on the US Dollar, so if the Dollar collapses, it also devalues other currencies too (which makes them desire to help keep the US Dollar strong).


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Since most currencies float nowadays, a devaluation of the dollar, in and of itself, wouldn't cause other currencies to collapse.

It's more the fact that the dollar is the most important reserve currency, and most countries hold dollars and dollar denominated US treasury bonds in reserve. A collapse in the value of the dollar would seriously degrade the value of their reserves, and that, in turn would affect their currencies' exchange rates.
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Clearly I do know more than you, you know how I know?

When you said Libya and Syria didn't/don't have central banks, I knew this to be false; whereas you read it (presumably on an internet meme) once and took it as gospel, I understood enough about the workings of finance to know when I saw that same meme that it was bull****. Thirty seconds on google would have sufficed, had you wished to confirm or deny the myth of no Libyan central bank, but clearly you don't seek confirmation or denial of assertions you wish to be true, for whatever agenda-driven reasons drive you concerning this topic.
I don't wish anything to be true, it either is or it isn't, I have no agenda other than truth, if something is stated which is wrong then so be it, what do I have to gain by believing things which are untrue?

Also I already said you must know more than I do about the subject so why your repeating that like some victory is baffling?

I can see what's happening here ......... you came here looking for an argument, I've obviously disappointed you hence the catty replies.

Quite sad really.

Even more so is that even if you know more than me on this subject you unfortunately don't know enough to answer my earlier questions which unlike your side ways remarks would actually be of benefit to this forum and to myself.

But oh well we can't know everything ......... considering the dealings of the Banking systems of the world are all done out in the open as you suggested, you'd of thought we'd all be pretty clued up on it?


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Libya didn't have one, now it does, I have no problem with that, a fact is a fact.

I wasn't actually going to respond but I did think of a few questions which I'd love to know the answer to seeing as your so knowledgeable on the subject plus its in keeping with the thread subject.

Who is controlling Global banking currency? for e.g when the Germans were defeated in WWI who devalued their currency?
Also who made the decision and enforced currency sanctions against Russia in previous decades?

The power to devalue someones currency is one of the most powerful tools I can think of in a conflict, obviously your a lot more versed in this area than I am so I was wondering if you could share with the forum this information?
Two notes:

1. if you devalue someones currency actually you help that country a lot! Italy enjoyed this before of the introduction of Euro.

2. Libya hasn't got a functional central bank, since there are three separated states in that country [Tripoli, Bengasi and the Tuareg in the South]. So it's a local urban bank, nothing more. Anyway, the CBL exists since 1956 [Central Bank of Libya - Wikipedia] ... and Gheddafi enjoined its existence.

This was just for accuracy.

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