How is the Easter Rising taught in Ireland

May 2019
Hello, I'm from France and I'm currently doing a research paper on the Easter Rising. I was wondering how it was taught in Ireland (republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) and when do they start teaching it (middle school, high school...). Does anyone has any information or know a website where I can find the answers?
Thank you for your time
Apr 2019
At Secondary level for me, however a certain exposure to it would have been had for many prior to that.
Generally there was an Irish tradition of rebellion kept alive by certain groups (since the 1798 rebellion by the United Irishmen, there were periodic rebellions - 1803/1848/1867).
Home Rule was promised after the war, however it should have been implemented long before and contributed to much disillusionment about parliamentary methods. One clear thing though is that the rising in Easter 1916 was not a popular rebellion among the people of Ireland, some rebels were even pelted with rotten food and booed in Dublin after surrender. The turning point was the execution of the rebel leaders by the British and the internment of many individuals. This is a very concise sum of what was taught up to 30 years ago.
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