How is the war in Laos different from any other Cold War?

Jan 2018
Good morning/ evening lovely ppl,
I was lately reading a lot about the civil war in Laos and the American involvement in there and now I am quite confused about the following:
1- What is the special thing about the administration of Kennedy during that war and what makes his term different from the other presidencies in regards to that war?
2- When did exactly the CIA become paramilitary; during Kennedy's presidency or Eisenhower's?
3- Who is the American president who marked a significant role in the Laos civil war?
4- Who is the American president who came up with the idea of a secret war?
5- Why didn't the Laos government mind the intervention of the US in their land or how did the US convince them?
6- Why did Kennedy refuse any military action in Laos at first and then decided otherwise by sending combat troops?
7- What are the main policies and decision made by Kennedy concerning the war in Laos?

I am really interested in what u guys think about the plz share ur thoughts and Thnx in advance!

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