How late did Tengrism/Turkic shamanism last in Europe?

May 2019
I'm asking here about Tengrism or other forms of indigenous Turkic religions being practised as distinct faiths, rather than in a syncretic form mixed into Islam or another religion. I'm also excluding modern "neo-pagan" revivals.

As far as I know, Tatars and Turko-Mongols in the Golden Horde were the last to practice these sorts of beliefs in Europe, and were forced to replace their indigenous faiths with Islam under Ozbeg Khan in the early 14th century. Or am I wrong? Were there any Turkic groups in Europe that continued practicing their indigenous faiths after the 1310s? I read a claim online that some of the early Lipka Tatars who moved to Lithuania did so because they were seeking freedom for their traditional beliefs after Ozbeg Khan converted the Golden Horde to Islam, but I haven't seen any academic sources that back that up...