How long did it take people in Anatolia to convert to Islam?


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May 2014
How long did it take people in Anatolia to convert to Islam after various parts of Anatolia were conquered by various Muslim forces--especially the Seljuk Turks and the Ottoman Turks?
Nov 2010
Slightly related - Jacinto Bosch Vila, who wrote a fairly definitive (and mostly correct) history of the Almoravids, asserted that North Africa was only 'islamic' in main population centres and in theory in the country, after the arab empire invasions of the 7th and 8th centuries. Many berber tribes were not actually adherents properly until the imposition of islam by the Almoravids and subsequently the Almohads 11th/12th centuries.

Which stands to reason if you think about the rapid spread of the 'arab empire' in the 7th century. We know they sent 'holy men' to preach to the countryside - but hey, rather them than me!
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Nov 2010
Western Eurasia
There were regional differences, but based on Ottoman tax records by the late 15 and early 16th century Anatolia was already overwhelmingly muslim.
first table showing the population based on the tax registers between 1520-1535
Nombre de feux: number of households, Musulmans: muslims, Chr├ętiens: christians, Juifs: jews, Totaux des feux: total households... and then on the last column there is an estimation of the population itself, Barkan counted with 1 household=5 persons

barkan population.png
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