How many Americans died of starvation in the Great Depression?

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Sep 2012
No there were elements of malice involved. For instance Stalin would not allow anyone to move away from the area even after it was clear the crops had failed, and the quotas had been over filled. Inconsistent application of government policy was another factor. The famine that year affected a number of regions, all the other regions did at the very least get a reduction in their quota and even had some grain released from central control to help them out

The Ukraine got none of those considerations.
Let us not attribute to malice what may be referred to incompetence and neglect. During the imperial times famines were a common occurrence. Nothing indicates that the famine was engineered by the authorities. Nothing indicates that the authorities planned to exterminate the common folk in the areas where famine occurred. Nothing indicates that the authorities tried to eradicate a particular ethnic group through starvation. All evidence indicates that the famine was unintentionally aggravated by the authorities.
Well sort of its rather complicated -- the nationalist myth is of course the poor of Ireland had their food stolen off them to feed the rich dastardly British-- the reality is more complex.

Very good article on the subject, notsure I agree withevrything she says but she is very knowledgeable on the subject and is good.

Food Exports from Ireland 1846-47
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Mar 2019
Yep, In U.S. Army survival training we were taught that you will expend more calories catching & cooking rabbit than it has. Perfect diet food, good taste, but no fat.
That is really interesting to know. In Australia during the depression the place was crawling with rabbits. Rather than eat them they poisoned them. Now I understand why they did this!


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Oct 2014
appalacian Mtns
Funny thing is though in nature almost every land based predator luvs wabbit. Can they all be wrong ?


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Jan 2011
There is a more interesting wider question (since demographics are both very important for any country and not well understood really)

What is the effect of prolonged economic depression on demography ? (if any)...

Some have already mentionned increased deaths due to hardships (affecting older citizens and perhaps infants).... Do births decline as well ? If so there would be a demographic gap that we should be able to observe in any country that has gone through such depressions ? And does demography pick up once the depression is over ? and to what extent (e.g. are the extra deaths/less births during depression compensated by extra births in boom times) ? Or on the contrary do birth rates increase during depressions ? (after all poorer countries have higher birth rate) ?


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May 2014
Ok. I know you have a strong interest in the Ukraine.
Not only in Ukraine; I like big countries in general--as well as some small countries.

Out of the ex-USSR countries (excluding Russia, of course), my favorite country is actually Kazakhstan. They appear to have made much better use of their independence than Ukraine has.
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Oct 2014
appalacian Mtns
Wabbit i s very very good. We were even served it in the mess hall when i was stationed at Fort lost in the woods (Fort Leonard Wood) quite regularly & a lot of the city slickers wouldn't eat it so we got theirs too.