How many Americans died of starvation in the Great Depression?


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Feb 2013
portland maine
very strange...
I have never heard in Soviet propaganda about the number of deaths from starvation in America during the Great Depression ...
I heard phrases from Americans on American forums "
1. 5 to 7 million people died.
2. "American rabbit" is a fried rat that was sold to hungry Americans.
Have you ever heard of this?
I include the deaths from the "dust bowl which are estimated to be in the thousands
Dust Bowl Facts.
May 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah
My great grandparents and some of their cousins ate 'fried rabbit.' How many died? From starvation, malnutrition, bad diets that caused mortal diseases, etc?

Nobody knows. Whatever the number it was, far more would have died if it had not been for federal and state and local relief programs.

Oh, no one will hear a Russian make a comparison with American starvation rates: the Russians would look terrible in comparison.
Sep 2013
Chattanooga, TN
I suspect the statistics are hard to find because they are almost non-existent. Starvation was not a major issue during the Depression. As a last resort people who could not afford to buy food could eat at publicly or chraritably funded soup kitchens.
Hypothermia/Death by exposure was more of an issue than starvation.
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