How many Israelis immigrated to The Soviet union?


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Jul 2013
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What is of note in this conversation is that fact that a # of Muslim majority countries lost a huge portion of their Jewish populations after the creation of Israel in 1948. Perhaps Turkey and Iran are the exception but even those countries have lost sizable # of Jews. But as for other Muslim majority countries such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan these countries have a very very small # of Jewish people when they used to have a much large Jewish population.

Amid the population transfers to Israel since 1948 Russia stands out as a country that still has maintained a very large Jewish population and that IMO clearly goes to the diversity and tolerance of the USSR. And the fact that the USSR and Israel did not go to war with each other as did the Arab Muslim majority countries and Israel for a time. And probably biggest of all the fact Soviet Jews played a role in defeating the Third Reich, I think alot of Jewish people even in Israel have a respect for the USSR for its fight against the Reich.
I’m sure many Soviet Jews fought hard and honorably against the German invaders. In their place, who wouldn’t? Jews with deep feelings of “Russianness” - and I’m sure there were many - fought hard against the Germans. A number achieved high ranks in the Soviet army, but probably few to none achieved these ranks because they were Jews, just smart, patriotic and clever fighters and strategists. I can’t credit the Soviet Union as great defenders of the Jews, however; after all the SU had been in league with the Nazis when it suited them in the partition of Poland.

Russia itself had an ambivalent relationship to the Jews. When the opportunity came, many - if not most - packed their bags and voted with their feet.
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