How many princely states of British India would have been viable as actual countries?

Dec 2012
So there were more than 500 princely states in British India at time of independence, but how many of them could have functioned as actual countries? I believe Hyderabad did try to declare independence but failed.
Feb 2019
With enough diplomatic support and friendly co-operative country , every single one of 565 can exist as an independent country . Liechtenstein is just a landlocked tiny principality and San Marino is nothing more than a continuation of autonomous medieval commune . If they can maintain their sovereignty , I dont see a reason why a princely state can not be an independent country .
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Bart Dale

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Dec 2009
While some of the smaller princely states could have continued as independent states, much like Monaco, or Liechtenstein, only a half dozen or so of the larger ones would have been viable nations. Hyderabad would have been one, and Jammu and Kashmir another, followed by Mysore and Travancore. The rest would be too small in my opinion.


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Jul 2011
They were designed to be weak and controllable, not to be viable countries. That said, look there are several small countries bordering on India, Lichtenstein, Monaco etc. in Europe, as well as various small nonviable countries in Africa and Latin America.
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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
But it is not necessary that they must have be warring against each other as they did in the medieval era. They could have lived in peace. But it all depends on how the wheel turns. Pan-India nationalism made it possible because there was a common foreign rule. So, British united India.