How many Punjabis moved to other parts of Pakistan after independence?


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Apr 2015
How'd Jinnah make a mockery of democracy?
Chief Minister of Sindh was against giving Karachi for national capital, so he dissolved the Sindh assembly and got Karachi despite disliking of Sindhis, later he would send army to conquer Kalat starting a 70 years long insurgency, in East Bengal he said Urdu and only Urdu will the national language of Pakistan, Bengalis who were 56% of the population didn't like it. People in West Pakistan saw Bengali as a Hindu language, attempts were even made to change the script to Perso-Arabic which was resisted in East Bengal.


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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
Hyderabad Sindh is 162 kms from Karachi. Closer to India and prosperous just like Karachi. Must have been more economical to settle down at that time.