How much do Spain and Portugal have to pay Israel for expulsion of jews in 1492 and beyond ?



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May 2016
Mr.Tulius, thanks for clearing that question for us.It so happens, that once a country admits guilt, a major reparation settlement follows.
You didn’t addressed to my point 1, that this is a political theme and not a historical one. And you didn’t seem to read that the mentioned Portuguese law, is not directly related with the 15th century expulsions but addressed to people that maintain Portuguese names and speak a Portuguese dialect and are related with Portuguese culture.

This past Saturday, there was a massive protest in front of the US Embassy in Warsaw- Poland. Reparations - a major industry these days, also sexual harassment at work - you ask a female co-worker on a date and all you get is a...court date.
So this is the real threads theme! About current events related with WWII, not some five centuries ago!

Polish far-right marches in protest at US pressure for Holocaust restitution


Quoting hour moderator Chodio: "This thread is clearly about modern politics, not European history."

And it is concerning that more and more politic threads appear disguised as history threads.