How much does American society and government actually discriminate against non Asian minorities?

Nov 2014
Basically if you read predominantly liberal media sources, they claim that US society and government still discriminates against non Asian minorities, especially against blacks. But how much is this true? If you look at life expectancy statistics, you will find out that the life expectancy for white people has been falling for the past few years, which is unprecedented in a developed country, and seems to be in contradiction with the popular narrative of US societal and government discrimination against non Asian minorities, blacks may have dramatically higher murder and homicide rates, but the vast majority of these seek to be black on black killings, rather than white people killing blacks. And then there are studies that purport to show that blacks and Latinos have IQ scores that are 10 to 15 points lower than whites and Asians, but I am not willing to opine on that with a thousand foot pole.


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May 2014
Frankly, it would be strange for an allegedly White supremacist society to allow Asians (or at least certain groups of Asians) to make more money than Whites and for Hispanics to live longer than Whites. One would think that, in an allegedly White supremacist society, Whites would have been at the very top of all rankings for good things.

As for IQs, I don't want to get into trouble and thus I don't want to talk too much about this, but the liberal argument is that oppression or a legacy of oppression somehow lowers Black and Hispanic IQs.


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Jul 2013
A lot. But it is due to implicit bias. Blacks and Hispanics commit more crimes, so everyone we have discriminate around that. We have sensitivity training to not show it and be kinder, but it will always be there, even among liberals.

From what I know, the crime problems with Blacks and Hispanics have little to do with IQ. If you read Thomas Sowell, Black and White crime in the 1940s didn't have a significant difference.It was mostly a cultural transition and poor economic planning with the rise of export of American jobs and automation. As for education, I have nothing to say. But I can say that scores can increase with:
-Getting kids a good diet(providing families a decent income to buy vegetables instead of KFC everyday)
-Reducing poor environment factors in neighborhoods(lead in water, population in cities)
-Stopping crime and drugs(increase focus on productivity rather than safety, less anxiety)
-Increased cultural sensitivity and fight against racism(less anxiety, less bullying/alienation at school)

The Black and Hispanic SATs have been going up.
Average SAT Scores Over Time: 1972 - 2018

The 85 IQ for Blacks I think is bogus on average. Schools don't conduct IQ tests usually, and if taken it , its likely kids simply guess on them since it isn't serious. The SAT is a more serious test, and coorelates with IQ, and looking at the numbers, the real Black IQ should be around 90-100, which is good enough for most service sector jobs and some STEM jobs.
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