How much does Greek Philosophy owe too Ancient Egypt

Oct 2015
I have always heard this revisionism argument...that Greek Philosophy was simply Egyptian thinking

that Plato, Socrates, Aristotle all went and studied under the Egyptian scholars, and that all of Greek Philosophy was based on Egyptian ideas

Tuthmosis III

Ad Honorem
Oct 2011
the middle ground
Cultural relativism (understood properly as per my blog entry) has perhaps no greater advocate in this forum than myself. And I say: Greek philosophy is a product of Greek culture. Only the most isolated of cultures emerges in a 'vacuum' and certainly none of the most influential in history do (by definition!). But while it perfectly legitimate to point to influences on Ancient Greece from contemporary peoples, it is inexcusably inaccurate to claim that those influences equate "simply" to copying without adding from another base of experiences.
(And why just Egypt? Greeks were in contact with Anatolia and Mesopotamia as well...)
Sadly, some revisionism is nothing more than the attempt to replace respect for the complexity of history (Greek, Egyptian, or any other) for sound-byte p---ing contests.