How much gold and silver did the Spanish actually take in the conquest


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Jul 2011
How much did they take from the Incas and Aztecs, as opposed to what was mined later on?

Also, I understand they melted down all the objects, as they considered them Pagan and the art did not have value beyond gold and silver content at the time. I am interested in what proportion of preColumbian art survived the conquest.
Jul 2017
Hola - Hey Betgo.

You should google the speech of the cacique Guaicaipuro Cuauhtémoc before the meeting of heads of state of the European Community (08/02/2002).
He explained that “only between 1503 and 1660 came to Sanlucar de Barrameda 185,000 kg of gold and 16 million kg of silver from America.” He also made an interesting assessment of these amounts. I think he made no further reference to the works of art and other cultural expressions contained in that metal.

Deberías googlear el discurso del cacique Guaicaipuro Cuauhtémoc ante la reunión de jefes de estado de la Comunidad Europea (08/02/2002).

Él describió que “sólo entre el año de 1503 y el de 1660 llegaron a Sanlúcar de Barrameda 185 mil kilos de oro y 16 millones de kilos de plata provenientes de América.” Además, realizó una interesante valoración de esos montos. Creo que no hizo mayor referencia a las obras de arte y demás expresiones culturales contenidas en ese metal.


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Oct 2009
San Diego
Thru theft and taking over the mines that civilizations like the aztec and inca had running, they pretty much took ALL of it.


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Jun 2012
If you go by underwater archaeology of the found wrecked Spanish galleons -a single galleon might carry 2 million pesos or 40 tonnes of gold .

The modern approximate value of the estimated 4 billion pesos produced during the period would come to $527,270,000,000 or €469,839,661,964 (based on silver bullion prices of May 2015). Of the 4 billion pesos produced, 2.5 billion was shipped to Europe, of which 500 million was shipped around Africa to Asia. Of the remaining 1.5 billion 650 million went directly to Asia from Acapulco and 850 million remained in the Western Hemisphere.