How much of the German defeats in the Eastern Front in 1944 to 1945 were due to being outstrategized?

Oct 2018
Read what historomites think about Viktor Suvorov. I presume they are all hardcore communists with big teeth eating little capitalistic toddlers.

What do you think about Viktor Suvorov's theory?
I know about this books and the thing is that you guys get the essentials of it. The important thing is not if Stalin would have attacked Hitler the big deal is that as leader it is Hitlers responsibility to protect his country and his only chanse of winning against the soviet union in war was a suprise attack.
From what the Germans could see and how the soviet union was acting along with its history it is not strange that hitler would attack the soviet union because he was affraid they would invade his country.
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I'm not a Communist. I have my own views as to the preemptive strike theory.

But I would like to hear Viktor Suvorov's arguments first. As well as the rebuttal to his arguments.
Personally I have heard that David Glantz made a good rebuttal. But I find David Glantz to be rather sub-par in some areas. There are more recent scholars which have done a better job than Glantz. David Glantz also repeats a lot of the myths, which are not supported by reliable evidence. That doesn't mean Suvorov is correct, just that I don't trust Glantz as one of the more capable scholars. For instance Richard Overy has a much better understanding of the big picture.

In addition to this I would suggest that we have no way to definitively disprove Suvorov because if the documents exist, they have not been made available for anyone to read. Putin is extremely protective over historical matters which concern national pride. I tried to get into the Soviet archives, there is barely a process to do so, it's almost impossible unless you can contact a member of government or know someone who works in the archive. In the latter case that probably wouldn't guarantee you access, just that whoever works there could send you copies if you know the specific document. Which in this case we do not.
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There is a good proof , during the spring of 1941 , the Germans undertook a lot of observation overflights over the Soviet Union
Stalin forbade his air force to challenge or intercept them so the German could see there was no massing of troops

the Abwher was running a sophisticated campaign of disinformation that the German were afraid of a soviet attack ,incited by Britain
this neatly explained their military preparations as defensive ,
Stalin fell for it hook ,line and sinker
... for this most calculating of statesman , a German attack would not make sense so it must be a British ploy to poison his intelligence

Stalin was keen to avoid a war in 1941 ,he was well aware of his temporary weakness ,
he needed at least one more year and probably two to finish the relocation of his military on the new border , moving the stocks , building fortifications ,airfields ...etc
the Soviet army had a crash course of officer training ,the great expansion of the military needed cadres , many cashiered officer during the purge were recalled for duty
the new Tanks and planes factories were barely getting on line
it would take years of production until the Army and Air force was re-equipped to requirement
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I mentioned this in another thread, but it seemed relevant:

Although Stalin was planning on keeping the Germans in his pocket for many years to come. I'm not even convinced that he wanted to get rid of Hitler. I think he was fine with Hitler so long as it fit the agenda, Stalin was more pragmatic than one tends to think. Stalin needed time to revamp his army and state, at least 3 years if not 5. Maybe he would use it if Hitler didn't want to play ball.

In the Ukraine the Soviets held out because Stalin was adamant about defending the south. He went so far as to have significant amounts of troops to defend the Don at all costs while Operation Typhoon was happening. The construction of these defenses in the south, as his obsession with holding Kiev, is consistent with Stalin's mindset of defending the Don and Volga. Which by the way many of Stalin's generals disagreed with (as early as the 1930's), but which STAVKA was in favour of, and evidently Stalin was correct for the most part.
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