How much of this are we to believe?

May 2008
I'm not sure how approachable Montenegrins are has anything to do with the prospect of them experiencing a coup attempt, but I see both sides of the story
- Why the heck *wouldn't* Russia go ahead and give it the old college try? Montenegro is arguably in Russia's backyard. China already has Laos and Cambodia in their pocket since they're small, relatively weak countries compared with the rest of SE Asia. It's possible Russia likewise sees Montenegro as ripe for the picking.
- Even if the story is fabricated, could you really blame those championing Montenegrin sovereignty for staging such an event if only for the sake of scaring off Russian influence?
Jul 2017
There is a war going on. NATO jailed GRU officers in this instance.

The rest of the story is a setup and speaks to usual puppet government stuff you find in third world countries.