How practical were the Luftwaffe's jet warplanes?


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Aug 2016
They must have been fairly effective in the air because the preferred Allied tactic to destroy Germany jets was to bomb or strafe them on the ground.
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Jan 2017
As bombers not so much , dog-fighting was terrible
their best use was as bomber hunters


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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
The problem was about numbers: if Germans would have had time and resources to produce those jets in great numbers the allied air forces would have had some troubles to run their bombing campaigns over Germany.

But it was too late. Me-262 entered in service in July 1944, Ar-234 in September 1944, He 165 in early 1945 ...
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Sep 2012
Tarkington, Texas
The Germans did not have the right metals to make turbine blades. The people that remember Hitler's order to make the Me 262 a bomber forget it took at least two more years of work to get it where it could be used at all. Didn't the Ar-234 use the same engines?



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Jan 2017
yes it did and couldn't hit a bridge because it came too fast ,
aiming bombs is way more elaborate than flying fast and pressing a button

as for the jumo 004 engine it was more an experimental model rushed into production ,
it's manufacture , reliability and servicing were very questionable
experienced pilots would rather fly the FW190 , the real star of the German combat planes

PS like the Japanese Zero , it could act as a fighter-bomber at a pinch
Jan 2013
Toronto, Canada
WWII jet warplanes could give you accuracy or they could give you speed, not both.
Nov 2019
United States
That along with the fact that didn't have experienced pilots to fly them, and that the expected life of a German pilot was like 3 days.
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Jun 2012
will always argue that the reason why the British won the Battle of Britain was not the Radar (though it did give them a slight advantage) but the ability to replace a pilot if shot down. the Luftwaffe only had a set number of pilots, for every year the war progressed, the number of pilots would be reduced either by crashes, accidents, being shot down, or otherwise. Meanwhile the British and the Allies could replace the aircraft and pilots if they are lost.