How should historical conflicts and territorial disputes be settled?


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Jan 2017
the function of a mediator is to explore possible common ground and common interests
essentially it is to be a facilitator

a arbitrator has the function of adjudicating , it is useful only if the proposals can be enforced against any disgruntled party
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Jan 2017
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For example Hawaii,
There is no dispute here. Hawaii is a state of the US and will remain so.

The U.S.A. Civil War,
Once again, no dispute here. No one but the tiny minority want the South to leave. In fact, Southerners are more patriotic towards the US than inhabitants of the region that actually fought for the US in the ACW.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict,
Impossible to solve. Probably will escalate into another full-scale war in the future. The region is unstable enough after the Arab Spring, it is not impossible to think that the Arabs would try to attack Israel again or vice versa. Israel has strong US backing, but that does not automatically make their victory certain.

The Northern Ireland conflict,
One of the conflicts I think will have a peaceful resolution. Perhaps we will see something like supervised unification of Ireland with autonomy given to the more Protestant parts.

The Balkans Wars,
Ho boy. Let's dissect this:

Croatia - no dispute. Krajina is part of Croatia, I just hope Croatia will be able to prevent attacks on Serbs in the future, but I am not expecting it.

Bosnia - a powderkeg. Will probably escalate into a war again in the future. Hopefully after I die.

Kosovo - a powderkeg. Will probably escalate into a war again in the future. Hopefully after I die.

The Falklands,
are British.

and the mainland Chinese vs the Taiwanese.
Status quo. The Taiwanese wouldn't dare to declare independence and the PRC isn't going to invade and risk a conflict with the US.
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