How to Refight WW2

Jan 2015
Front Lines of the Pig War
Jun 2015
The Battle of the Atlantic was crucial for both sides. If the Axis could get a foot in the mid-Atlantic, and thus disrupt Allied shipping better, the British and later Americans had to respond. They may have regained the island, but then it would have prolong the war and made it more difficult for Britain. They could easily have sent supplies via submarine, or even commandeered some Allied merchant vessels.
Nov 2015
But the Germans didn't need the city itself to cut the Volga River Route. They could have occupied the river bank either above or below the city or both. Sure go ahead and occupy the city of Stalingrad if you can do so easily and cheaply, but when it became obvious the Soviets intended to fight for the city, the river route could have been cut in other ways.
I looked at the map of Stalingrad and the surrounding area. Only a short section of the right bank of the Volga River in the northern part of the city provided the opportunity for German artillery to block the Volga for Russian tankers. Near Stalingrad the river makes a big bend to the west. To the north and south of that section of the right bank the Volga has channels (Akhtuba and others) through which tankers could pass upstream from the right bank of the main river Volga, with minimal threat from German artillery.

At the same time, in 1942, Baku gave the Russians 18.8 million tons of oil from their production of 22 million tons. Of these, 86% was delivered via Astrakhan along the Volga, and only a small part was delivered by a long roundabout railway through the Eastern Caspian.


- This is a link to the page of a book of the Soviet oil specialist Chapay Sultanov - Would USSR and Europe stand the fascism if Baku oil had been lost? ?
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