How was the submachinegun utilized in WW1?

Nov 2019
United States
How many? :)
By July 1918 the BAR had begun to arrive in France, and the first unit to receive them was the US Army's 79th Infantry Division, which took them into action for the first time on 13 September 1918.[9] The weapon was personally demonstrated against the enemy by 2nd Lt. Val Allen Browning, the inventor's son.[9] Despite being introduced very late in the war, the BAR made an impact disproportionate to its numbers; it was used extensively during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive and made a significant impression on the Allies (France alone requested 15,000 automatic rifles to replace their Chauchat machine rifles).


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Jan 2017
while you are right as to its prior use
I would point out that 50.000 Lewis were manufactured as against 250.000 Chauchat
it also was the first gun which was not crafted but assembled mostly from stamped sheets of metal
a process which would become ubiquitous