How would the world be different if humans lived to be 1,000 years ?


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Jan 2011
Instead of about 100 ....

I assume that the period 0-20 would last 20 years as it does now as would hte period 80 to 100 (for those who survive that long)

But each other decade (e.g. 20 to 30) woud last 16 times longer (so instead of living 10 years to be be physiologically 30 , one would live 160 years)

0-20: stays the stame
20-30: live 160 years
30- 40-: live 160 years
40-50: live 160 years
50-60: live 160 years
60-70: live 160 years
70-80: live 160 years
80-100: live 20 years

Total 1000 years

So your dad could tell you eyewitness stories his dad told him about Julius Caesar etc...

But in general how would history be different ?


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
If people are going to be born, people will have to die to make room on a fully populated planet. Are they fertile for most of 1000 years?, 500 years? Will people have many partners over a lifetime or stick with one person for most of this time? Maybe people will only reproduce for a short time and spend the rest of their lives looking at their stock portfolio and playing checkers.
Oct 2017
United States
A few centuries would be more realistic like with certain fishes, reptiles & whales, wouldn’t it?
One may wonder what those animals do in all those years which would take multiple human generations to fulfill?
They seem to just continue to what they’re designed for & what they’ve always been doing since birth for the most part, fulfilling the bare necessities of life, MRS GREN, & nothing more. Then again the’yre not humans & don’t share our cognitive complexity do they?

1,000 years ago was the Middle Ages, at the turn of the first Millennum. How much has changed since then? A completely different world now isn’t it? All of the events & periods following the Middle Ages fit in the second millennium AD.
Mar 2017
I remember reading a short story long ago where the punchline was "I asked for immortality, but I forgot about asking for everlasting youth."

If they reached the modern equivalent of 30-40, then stopped aging .... until the last 10 yrs where they fell apart like a vampire in the sun ... this would create all sorts of population problems. If they spent the last 200 yrs being senile, that would be downright unpleasant ... I dunno: herd them in enclosures like chickens?
Oct 2018
Minneapolis, MN
Definitely have to have some sort of mandated birth control. That would be the #1 thing I could see. At least until space flight and colonization of other planets became viable.

That said, that colonization might be more likely, figure if the speed of light is not able to be passed, there are a handful of planets about 16-40 light years away. If we could get travel at near light speed that would be just 2-5% of someone's lifespan traveling.