How would would defeat the Mongols if you were the Jin?

Nov 2014
If you were the commander in chief of the Jin army in the year 1210, how would you defend the Jin against the Mongols, is it even possible? Aside from no brainers like forming an alliance with the Western Xia and securing a truce with the Song, and holding the line of the Great Wall and the northern passes as well as you can, and trying to buy off as many Mongol generals and their troops as possible, what other things can you do to defend against the Mongols (assuming that such a prolonged successful defence in possible).


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Jun 2012
1. Do as above...
2. but hire assassins that won't talk -> Genghis Khan is going to have a unfortunate accident. It will delay the invasion / attack by a few years while they determine who will follow him. Rinse and repeat.
3. Make a deal with the Southern Song as well - keep them from attacking you while you are faced north. Marriage between royal houses preferable.
Jul 2019
New Jersey
Reach the Imperial Age first. Don't let them find that village of siege engineers to the north.

At least that's what Age of Empires II has taught me. Also, "How do you turn this on?"
May 2009
The Sung were actively rooting for the Mongols to annihilate the Jin, so I dont think any alliances were ever possible there. Once The Mongol nation was consolidated the Jin were screwed because nothing short of a full-scale military assault couldve fixed the problem. But that wouldve left them open to an attack from the Sung. They couldnt focus on two fronts at once so they dedicated most of their attention to the Sung and ignored the steppe, which ended up ruining them.
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Sep 2016
Significant boon to Mongols were the defections of Khitan generals and soldiers, who not only increased their numbers, but also fed them with information on the placement of Jin armies and opened up the mountain fortresses which protected the Jin border. Even a military victory at the beginning might not have been enough to stop the disentegration of Jin state.
May 2019
I'd rather just defect to the Mongols and ally with them against the Song. It'd spare my people the horrors of Mongol retribution against the people who resisted them, and would give me a chance to plunder my old enemies to the south...