How would you rate King Richard I Lionheart as a general?

How would you rate the Lionheart as a general?

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Mar 2014
It's worth mentioning that John 'wandered into crossbow range' at Rochester Castle, and wasn't shot because a ranking officer forbade firing on the king's person.
Apr 2011
Berry Province, rural France
"John" perhaps but not "Richard" called the Lion Hearted. Tow brothers, sons of Alienor of Aquitaine, queen of France and subsequently queen of England married to Henri.

The poll here is about rating The Lionheart as a general. Replies can only be subjective really. Otherwise onn what criteria?
Jan 2016
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A considerably large number of posters are missing the point somewhat. While in the middle ages ones military ability (or success there in) is tied to ones success as a monarch, they are still seperate. Richard may not be a particulalry good king, but that does not neccessarily make him a bad general, or a poor military commander. Posters are guilty of some schoolboy errors in failing to answer the question.

I would give Richard 4 stars, not 5 just 4. He's good, but I dont approach the John Gillingham level of love for Richards martial prowess. The man fights and commands in 4 battles in his career. For a medieval ruler, that is an awful lot. He also wins all 4. He also fights in a considerable number of skirmishes. He was experienced, took advice from those in the know when needed and pulled off some excellent logistical feats. He was a popular commander and not to shabby at his international diplomacy in forming an alliance against France post 1194. His greates failing is perhaps that he could be too rash sometimes.
To point out another schoolboy error; It should be not 'too' shabby.
Aug 2014
As I understood it Richard was touring the perimiter of the siege works without his armour on.A few crossbow shots were made from the castle which Richard found amusing.He stopped to encourage one crossbowman who was also holding a frying pan when he was shot in the shoulder by another crossbowman.Retiring to have the bolt removed the surgeon mangled Richards arm which became infected and Richard died of gangerene.
Apr 2011
Berry Province, rural France
Is that so, Haardrada? Where do you hold this hot info from? I thought historians always gave their sources? A bit slack here on this forum!... no, well, don't take me seriously. I have excuses, I'm French!

In any case this prompts me to go to CHALUS in "Haute-Vienne" where there is some kind of tourists information at the very castle where it took place, some... er... 900 years ago. It is a 2 hr drive from where I live. I'll tell you what they say there.

What's the weather like in Northumberland these days?
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Aug 2014
I read it a while ago and can't remember where so forgive me if I'm wrong.
You are very lucky to live in France., I worked on inspecting the gas pipelines there years ago from Toulouse to Perpignan through Carcassonne and then from Toulouse to Bordeaux.Very friendly people and breath taking country.
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Apr 2016
I give him 3 stars. You really have to think more then the engagements he took part in during the crusades and who his opponents and their skills were.