Human extinction


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Dec 2015
Both bboomer and sparky, are you both from Australia?
In the northern part of northern hemisphere, the disruption of the Polar vortex is causing severe winter conditions, and will extreme weather be epidemic?
Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia

Do you mean 'endemic'? If so, probably.

I live in South Australia. In recent years, our average summer temperature seems to have risen. EG Last week, the official temperature reached 46 celsius, the highest ever recorded.

Right now, there are floods in Northern Queensland.

There is also a severe drought within the lake system of the Murray Darling Basin. However, there are claims that this has been caused by mismanagement of irrigation, especially for the cotton industry. I have never understood the logic of growing cotton by irrigation in Australia .

Queensland floods: Townsville reels under record water levels as more rain arrives

Queensland floods: Townsville reels under record water levels as more rain arrives


DROUGHT IN THE MURRAY DARLING BASINDrought is afamiliar phenomenonin the Murray Darling basin and is one of the most hazardous and most complex threatsto humankindand the naturalecosystems they rely on. Extended periods of droughts can lead to degradationof soils and desertification, as well asfamine and impoverishment (Vicente-Serrano, 2006). In the agricultural sector, drought is the main cause of crop loss in the USA (Tadesse et al., 2005)


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Jan 2017
And in Sydney we are having a rather poor and cloudy summer ....again !
what's happened to the sunburn country ?

Dan Howard

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Aug 2014
It would take far less than most people realise to put urban living into chaos. Electricity and computers of course. Much simpler would be if water pumping stations shut down.
Supermarkets in the cities only have three days worth of food on the shelves so they need at least two truck deliveries per week. A fuel shortage that stops diesel distribution for more than three days will cause severe problems.


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Jan 2017
A specie is defined as a set of organism which can breed in a fertile manner
lion and Tiger can cross bred but the result is sterile ...IE two specie
same for horse and donkey , buffalo and cattle ,
many others closely connected species can interbreed but no over several generations

So the issue is could we breed with Cro magnon certainly , they are us
with Neanderthal ? who known ?
there are some supposed hybrid but not at the level of a well established stock
with Chimpanzees , very doubtful

The problem is compounded by homo Sapiens habit of committing genocide on the neighbors