Human extinction

Jan 2014
Near future (hundreds of years): Humanity will decrease in numbers, decease, pollution, economic breakdown. Just some people will survive.
Far future (thousands of years): Humans will realise that the errors of the past are easily avoided and will conquer space and preserve earth.
Aug 2012
Clear the infection and let the body heal. Once we're gone the Earth will go back to its natural cycles. It might have to start from almost zero, say life around the black smokers, but it will return. And if everything else is lucky there won't be anything like humans develop in the future.
Yeah, we're not doing too good down here are we? Nope.


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Dec 2010
Oregon coastal mountains

Most people are mentally far behind the curve in technological development. not to mention their addiction to silly TV doomsday scenarios.
The birthrate is down globally other than the sub-saharan areas. They will follow suit, with the proper guidance and handouts. Within 30 years, solar energy will be cheap and expansive. Food production will be greatly increased and synthesized, despite the panic form the dumbbell, pot sodden factions. Cyber humans will continue to develop with AI technology and within a few centuries we will be expanding, perhaps in simulated form, into other galaxies.
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