Human rights abuse report of Denmark

Nov 2010
I dedicate this thread to report and discussion of the abolishment of the democracy of Denmark, that is currently happening.

I already told about the arrests of protestors of a Free Tibet at Hu Jintao's visit to Copenhagen, in another thread.

Today a friend of mine told me that his friends were arrested and beaten by the police for showing a banner saying "A vote every fourth year is not democracy".

No media has reported about the incident, but a homepage is describing the story:

Grundlovsdag: Det er forbudt at ytre sig imod*statsministeren! - Socialistisk UngdomsFront (SUF)

This is the description of the episode where a local subgroup of Socialist Youth was denied their constitutional right to protest:

Yesterday at the National Day of our Constitution, Socialist Youth at Brønshøj-Vanløse were protesting at Rigsdalsgården at Christiansborg (where the parliament is held, ed.).

With a poster saying "A vote every 4th year is not democracy" they wanted to start a discussion about democracy instead of the uncritical pride of the day that had speakers such as Helle Thorning-Schmidt (PM, ed.) and Christine Antorini (minister, ed.)

In Denmark one is said to normally have the right to express yourself politically everywhere, but this apparently was not the case at this arragenment.

Even before we had started the campaign, a police officer asked us what the poster was saying, and when he understood it was a criticism of the current government of Denmark, he told us that he would kick us out if we unfolded the poster. When we asked why, he said "I don't want to discuss that, you do as I say or you will be taken in your head and ass and kicked out!".

When we later unfolded the poster anyway, the police forced us to leave the yard, except one of us, of whom they wanted registerd in their database. While he didn't believe he had done anything wrong, he recorded the incident, whereby the officer forced him to deliver his recorder to the hands of the police, to know if it could be used against the police.

Then the protestor was forced on the ground until he gave up his name.

This happened 5 meters from Helle-Thorning Schmidt speaking about the importance of democracy and the freedom of speech.

Happy National Day of Constitution.
This, my friends, is Denmark. It is the country I live in, it is the country I was born in, and it is where my family resides. It is home to 5.5 million citizens who now have no right to free speech.

This is not a one-time incident. This happens all the time, but the Danish media rarely reports it. I suspect the Danish government for making repercusions of the media. Only media that is not directly linked to the government (most media in Denmark is in some way or the other linked to the government, either through party friendship or the like or directly state-controlled, like Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is reporting these incidents.

Journalists in Denmark are routinely arrested then released, and after release, their stories are way different from the original story.

The abolishment of democracy is happening gradually and slowly, so the average Jens doesn't notice.

Just before posting this, I have taken down my website, because I am afraid the Danish police will get my address and arrest me for "public disturbance".
I am now sticking anonymously and is counting on Google and Historum does not reveal my identity to the Danish police.

Strange things usually happen to critics of the Danish government lately.
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Nov 2010
Is there ANY way of which I can get foreign media to describe the current development of the human rights abuse in Denmark? I believe it to be the only way to force the Danish media to report about it and stir the Parliament.


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Isn't it the same Denmark that rebuffed any sort of apology for the Mohammad caricatures in pretext of freedom of speech?
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Tell me something Philosopher, why do you suppose this is happening? What's rotten in the state of Denmark?
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Do you want to protect yourselves from the government? I suggest the citizens of Denmark begin purchasing firearms.
My second suggestion is that you print a story saying that massive amounts of oil have been found under Copenhagen and you have a repressive government. The United States will swing to the rescue and liberate your country.


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How is removing a couple of kid's that were protesting China, a human rights issue? Why shouldn't the Government of Denmark take a big picture stance that aids the country? Aiding the country is what they are in the business of.