I’ve gotten these two French monarchs confused.


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Apr 2009
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I’m a tad embarrassed to say this...

I’ve gotten two French monarchs confused. Chiefly speaking — the son of Marie Antoinette and the Louis that assumed the throne following Napoleon’s first defeat (and presumably the second.)

Long ago, when I was a child, I read about how Louis (a French prince) was tempted by prostitutes and other manners of ill that wouldn’t have been fitting for a monarch at the time. Did this ever happen or was this all BS?

Second off, OK, so I know the son of Antoinette and the Louis post-Napoleon are two different people. The Son of Anointette died in prison, correct? So what about the Louis that took over after Napoleon? How was he related?

Sorry if I make no sense; it’s the end of the day and my mind’s not working right.
Jun 2017
Louis's(XVI's) son you are referring to is Louis XVII. When he died Louis XVI had no male heirs so Louis XVI's younger brother became King Louis XVIII(kids uncle) when Napoleon was deposed. Louis XVIII had no kids so he was succeeded by his younger brother Charles X who was the last Bourbon ruler of France.

So to summarize, Louis XVI was succeeded by his son, then his two younger brothers.
May 2017
Hello everybody.Louis XVII is dead,victim of bad treatments,in the jail of the Temple in 1795.We must not forget the duque de Berry,Charles Ferdinand d Artois (1778-1820) assassinated at the entrance of the opera the 13 february 1820,by the bonapartist worker Louvel who was waiting for him with a big knife…..the day of the carnaval !


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Mar 2013
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'Prostitutes that wouldn't be fit for a monarch...?-How touchingly naiive .that is.
Most monarchs over the centuries had mistresses in battalion stength.It came with the terriitory. Especially in the French monarchy and the use of high class courtesans (a posh word for a tart/prostitute) were as much a part of monarchy as being addresed as' Sire 'or 'Majesty'
The present British Queen's great- grandfather Edward VII had a famous love in lover and courtesan- Lily Langtry.-despite marrying the Danish Princess Alexandra.