Dec 2018
This is a very long post. I initially posted this on Reddit and a Redditor told me about this site so I could post it here.
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My father was an Afghan soldier during the Soviet-Afghan War. He died yesterday in Sweden at age 76 due to old age. During the war somewhere in June 1989, his Mi-24 attack helicopter was shot down by a Mujahideen group while it was going for an attack mission in Kandahar. He and his co-pilot survived because the helo crashed into the side of a cave and literally got stuck but they both suffered injuries. His arm was bleeding and his co-pilot dislocated a shoulder. The cave was deep and they decided to hide in it because they crashed into Mujahideen territory and if they were caught, they would've been beheaded or disemboweled. My father said that as they entered the deepest part, they realized they were walking on stairs and he pushed upon a heavy stone door in front of it thinking they could hide behind it. They assumed that they were entering a Mujahideen base or prison but i'll continue with my father's exact words: "There were statues. One was a man with a dog's face, one was a man on top of a cow, the other was a man with a multi-headed lion, another was a fanged man with deer horns and the other was a rain cloud. At the center of it, there was a horned figure with sharp eyes and in Arabic, the words read "Maebad Shaitan" (temple of the devil/satan)". My father and his co pilot who were devout Muslims exited the place and waited for almost a day before an Afghan Army rescue team found them and evacuated them. For some reason, the co-pilot died months later (presumably suicide due to his children being killed by Mujahideen shelling). My father and my mother and me entered Pakistan as refugees after 1992 due to the Mujahideen taking over the country and persecuted people who sided with the government. We ended up taking a flight to the US before seeking refuge in Sweden in the early 2000s. I didn't believe whatever he told me but after his health started deteriorating last month, I asked myself if my father who was illiterate when it come to mythology and history could coincidentally come up with those statues who match many deities worldwide. The dog faced man statue could be Anubis, the man on top of a cow/bull is Yama, the man with a multi headed lion (im guessing its a dog) because it matches with Hades, the deer horned man, the rain cloud and the other horned figure still remain a mystery to me. What could it be? And not to mention that it said "Temple of the Devil/Satan". What exactly is going on here? I am curious. Can someone help me find out those 3 figures. One is a deer horned man, the other is a rain cloud and the figure in the center of it is a horned figure with sharp eyes (I'm assuming this is the main guy or something).

Apparently someone messaged me and told me that they know a friend who currently resides in Kabul and has heard of that cave. The anonymous person who reached out to me said they will try to contact their friend again but their friend did mention that there was a cave somewhere at the border between Helmand Province and Kandahar Province which was well known to the locals as "House of Akshiba". Its somewhere near a Tajik village but the current location is unspecified. According to their friend, the locals describe the cave as a dungeon with statues of animals and deities. The sad news is that this friend mentioned that the cave was looted by the Harakat Inqilab i-Islami (a Mujahideen group) and the Taliban in the years to come and that the cave collapsed either through an explosion or excavation by looters.

The thing which I don't get is who or what is Akshiba. I am not fluent in Pashto or any other Afghan language so I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what it is. Even that Afghan friend of mine has no idea what is the meaning although I do suspect he may have misheard it or something. Another thing I don't get is how was the cave not looted before? Considering that Afghanistan was ruled by war lords for thousands of years especially in the mountainous and rural regions, its impossible for such a well known cave (according to his friend) to not get looted. Also this would be REALLY sad if the reports of the cave being looted and destroyed was true :(
Mar 2017
I don't know you, I don't know your father. For the sake of argument, let's assume everything in the description of the cave is true.

There is a long history of deities being renamed and physically changed by conquest & trade. Alexander the Great erected many fortresses in the area, staffed with thousands of Macedonians ... that likely brought their mythology to the area ... which was likely combined with local belief systems.

I'm not buying Anubis. The Greeks never picked that up. I can't think of any Greek deities that were 1/2 man 1/2 animal .... either one or the other in a transformation. Probably some local deity thing. There were Greek satyrs & minotaurs & centaurs & tritons ... but not for worship.

Since the cave is destroyed, and there are no pictures, there's really no way to pursue this. I agree with you that anything like gold would have been looted long ago. However, there is a robust illegal antiquities trade and guys with stone saws can lop of parts of statues for sale. Perhaps that's the modern looting.

You have to presume that the statues predate Islam, so the cave would be so old the current name "Akshiba" may have no relationship to what it actually was.

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