I have a question about old England armor.


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Dec 2011
There is no such thing as triple mail. The phrase "thrice-woven mail" simply means that the armour was well made. It was a common colloquialism at the time.
Florence translated from medieval Latin.

"Godwin, to obtain the king's favour, presented him with a galley of admirable workmanship, with a gilded figure- head, rigged with the best materials, and manned with eighty chosen soldiers splendidly armed. Every one of them had on each arm a golden bracelet weighing six ounces, and wore a triple coat of mail and a helmet partly gilt, and a sword with gilded hilt girt to his side, and a Danish battle-axe inlaid with gold and silver hanging from his left shoulder; in his left hand he bore a shield, the boss and studs of which were also gilt, and in his right hand a lance, called in the English tongue "Atagar".

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Aug 2014
There is no such thing as triple mail. It never existed. You can't rely on a 150 year-old translation. What does the original Latin say?
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Jan 2015
I recently saw a movie named "Vikings" produced by Netflix, and I'm wondering the helmet in the movie is really according to history or not ? I spend for long time to find the article of this kind of Anglo-saxon armor(picture under) , but found nothing. Could anyone tell me is this kind of helmet real exist ? Thanks.View attachment 21178
Rule of thumb: EVERYTHING in the movies is WRONG. Certainly for fiction or "historical" fiction, but these days even the documentaries have mostly gone down the crapper. But if you assume that EVERYthing you see is not historical, that's a good starting point. Now, once in a while, something actually historical might slip through by accident, but try not to let that spoil your enjoyment of the show.

That said, did you post the right image? Because most of that looks 16th century, to me! Granted there was still an area called "Saxony" at the time, maybe that's what they were thinking? Bizarre....

I was looking for a good reenactor website for Anglo-Saxons--there is my own humble "Midgard" site, but I haven't updated it in years and most of the links are dead:

Midgard Home Page

The clothing and weaponry sections are still decent information, though.

It's easier to find good sites for Viking sites, and honestly the basics of tunic/hosen/cloak are very similar to what everyone else was wearing, though of course there were items which were distinct in any region.

Basic weaponry would be shield and spear, often with a backup weapon such as an axe or big knife. Anyone who didn't have even that for a minimum was typically not included in the miltary system, and wouldn't be on the battlefield. Wealthier men would have helmets and shirts of mail.

Of course Hollywood can't accept simple truths like that, so you'll always see people dressed like piles of garbage on TV. Stick with Game of Thrones, you'll get less brain damage!



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Dec 2011
There is no such thing as triple mail. It never existed. You can't rely on a 150 year-old translation. What does the original Latin say?
I don't have the Latin text, a Uni library would probably have this from Oxford Medieval Texts.

The Chronicle of John of Worcester. Volume II The Annals from 450 to 1066 - Darlington, R. R. and McGurk, P.

I have Volume III with the Latin texts, the translations are pretty much the same as Joseph Stevenson.
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That reminds me of the armor shown in the TV series Vikings. The Anglos Saxons would have very few warriors equipped this well. Maybe the personal guard of an earl or the king. Keep in mind "Vikings" hardly ever showed the Fyrd or lesser equipped warriors. These would have Mail instead of his Jack of Plates. The helmet looks like an imitation of a much later period. The Spanish Conquistadors used similar ones.