I need merchants to sell slaves

Nov 2019
Bill of Sale
Purchase of slave boy named Edmond by Dr. N.W. Floyd on July 20, 1841 for the sum of $450
Rec. (Received) 20 July 1840 of Doctor N. W. Floyd four hundred fifty dollars in full for the purchase of a negro boy named Edmond the right and title to said boy I will warrant and defend unto him the said Floyd his heirs be and forever free of claims of myself my heirs and free from the claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever. I do hereby further warrant such boy to be sound in body and mind
Witness my hand and seal this date above written.
Mic Hart (Seal)
MY COMMENT: this may look like a lifetime employment, characteristic of the initial phase of capitalism. The slave owner pronounces this formula personally, out loud, in the presence of the purchased "slave." “Rights and title” among lawyers means exactly what is written. That is, for the young man being bought, rights are recognized and some unnamed title, perhaps the lowest ranking, but it is, is recognized and is an integral part of the purchase. I see this formula everywhere. The year 1840, before the liberation of US slaves for more than 20 years.
The main conclusion: the definition of the term "slave" is incorrect, meaning something completely different, not that a person is a thing.


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This is enough. I thought that Russians were interested in influencing only US elections, but it seems I was wrong ...