I think I have a vietnam photo that's worth a bunch

Jul 2018
So, I titled this thread in order to capture attention of anyone that is critical and a history buff. I am really quite out of my element on this website. I'm here because of this photo. My deceased father in law was a combat photographer during Vietnam. A month ago, my mother in law brought out an album with a bunch of his old photography. It looks like he kept several shots from his time in the air force. Some are stamped on the back and some are not...

Flipping through the photos was fun... until I got to this one. And my stomach dropped. I was trying to reconcile what I was looking at. It's a photo of an atomic bomb. Now, I don't know much about this stuff so I guess I am wondering if this photo is worth anything? It's definitely original. It has those marks on the sides. If it is worth something, how do I even go about selling it? I hate to sound so concerned about it's worth but really we have no need for the photo and if it's worth something, our family and church could really use it. Any thoughts?



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Aug 2013
Not sure how it works but here is a link to Getty Images

Although it might be better to contact a newspaper if you think it is unusual or rare. Or maybe an historian who specialises in the subject and knows where and when it might have been taken and how significant it is
Jul 2018
Bikini atoll

I believe it is a photo of a nuclear test at bikini atoll. He was around that area at that time, I believe.


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Mar 2008
On a mountain top in Costa Rica. yeah...I win!!
First question a collector would ask is: Where is the negative?
Aug 2012
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That looks awful – it is a napalm strike I presume.

Never mind – once again I post before I read the comments.