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Feb 2011
Thank you both. I will check out both sites tonight.

Wow, benzev, THAT particular coin of yours, something with Britain on it AND Claudius would really be, for me, the cat's meow.

I am so stuck on reading about the year 43 A.D., the invasion. I just keep imagining standing on a hill, staring down at three legions worth of vessels sailing toward the beachhead.

Question for you, I read where, in at least one of Julius' invasions, some 800 sailing vessels were involved. I also read that in 43 A.D. there were three different legions and at least two different landing zones. Do you think there were three? One for each legion? And even if there were do you think the entirety of the Roman invasion force could have been seen from one vantage point in Britain at the same time? How many ships do you think were involved in 43 A.D.? Also, benzev, I hope you don't mind me asking you all this, but do you think the sails themselves were striped in different colors?

Finally, I think what Jax likely meant when he referred to a"re-model" was a re-construction, a fixer-upper of a home.
It is a good coin, thank you!

I understand both Caesar's 54BCE and Claudius 43CE fleets were probably about 1000 vessels of various sizes and from a cliff, subject to weather conditions, I would guess you could see it all. I cant see any evidence for sails being striped or not- I dont think there is any certain answer!

My guess is that there was one landing, at Richborough and task forces were sent out once local resistence had been broken. Caeasr's landing place at Pegwell Bay in Kent has recently been detected. :)
Feb 2011
1,000 ships!!! What a sight that must have been to behold. What a foreboding.

You've got to figure... whomever was atop that cliff, (must be much as it still is today), knew this was something far different than recent memory could recall or imagination fully fathom. A cataclysmic sight for sure...


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Aug 2013
It's a good fake! But safer to carry around than the real thing. :) What's a remodel?

Favourite coin...I did have an aluminium token, with acid wear, purporting to be from Theresienstadt - since lost- and some coins my grandparents had, early 20th century British, and some still-shiny 1967 pennies that were the last issued but are pretty common still! Roman coin wise, a De Britann Didrachm of Claudius

Very nice Didrachm. :cool:

A remodel or re-model as normal people might spell it is a building that is being renovated. I found a small cloth bag with five silver coins on a house that I was doing the demolition part of the job on.
Feb 2011
BIG TIME JAX!!!! Thank you!!!!

BTW, I'm no spring chicken but you may be the first person ever to call me "normal." Heck, I guess they'll want me to start paying taxes now.
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Mar 2012
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I would love a Caracalla coin, particularly one of those where he looks evil.