Iconoclasm in the Byzantine Empire

Nov 2016
Užice, Serbia
Can anyone give a rundown of what happened, or recommend some good books on it? How much part does Islamic theology take in it?


Ad Honorem
Jan 2017
Republika Srpska
How much part does Islamic theology take in it?
Probably not that much. There are no primary sources that connect Byzantine Iconoclasm with Islamic Iconoclasm. Plus, the two Iconoclasms were quite different. The Byzantine version prohibited depictions of saints, while the Islamic version prohibited depictions of ALL living things. It seems that the connection between Byzantine Iconoclasm and Islam was pushed forward by the iconodules in order to portray the iconoclasts as non-Christians and heretics. The iconodule authors also connected Byzantine iconoclasm to both Judaism and Monophysitism. So, we can conclude that, due to big differences between them, Byzantine Iconoclasm was not modeled on the Islamic model.

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