Ideal borders for various countries


Ad Honoris
May 2014
I really enjoy creating alternate history (AH) threads on here and I really hope that this is OK because this section really does inspire a lot of creativity on my own part. I do think that it is a good idea to bring life into sections of this forum that would have otherwise not had that much life in them.

Anyway, here goes:

What do you think the idea borders for various countries would have been? Also, please note that I am asking this question in a historic sense and am not actually advocating all of these territorial acquisitions at this point in time.

1. For the U.S., I would say the borders on the map below plus Alaska and most or all of British Canada:

Also, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean islands can be added to the US if they have some kind of value (strategic, economic, tourism, et cetera) for the US.

2. For France, if done early enough (specifically during the Napoleonic Wars, if they would have had a different ending), the Rhine border in the east seems reasonable:

Later on, France's current borders plus Wallonia should be good enough for France:

3. For the German Empire, these borders plus perhaps Fiume (Rijeka):

Slovenia and Fiume are important for access to the Adriatic Sea, Czechia is important for communication purposes (since a lot of travel is going to take place through there), and I honestly don't care that much for the Polish-majority territories of the German Empire other than for the fact that anyone who openly advocated secession of these territories probably wouldn't have had a political future in the German Empire. :( Sad, isn't it? :(

4. Kingdom of Italy: Italy's Versailles borders were ideal for its security (given how they bordered on prominent mountain ranges on all sides)--it should have only treated its ethnic and linguistic minorities better. Of course, I would have also been willing to eventually give up all of Italy's colonies.

5. China: Its current borders plus Kokang, Mongolia, Outer Manchuria, and Taiwan.

6. The Second Polish Republic: Its eastern border should be at the Curzon Line (perhaps with Lwow on the Polish side) while its western border should be the same that it was in real life with the exception of Masuria and western Upper Silesia also ending up under Polish rule.

7. Empire of Japan: Its current borders plus all of Sakhalin, all of the Kuril Islands, and perhaps the Kamchatka Peninsula as well.

8. India: Its current borders plus the historically Hindu-majority parts of Sindh, the Chittagong Hill Tracts, and all of Kashmir. Of course, I would have flooded all of Kashmir with Hindus so that the population there will become much more in favor of continued Indian rule.

9. 1949 Israel: Its current borders plus the Golan Heights and the West Bank.

Note: It would probably be stupid for Israel to try holding onto the entire West Bank right now. Still, there was a golden opportunity back in 1948-1949 when Israel could have captured the West Bank and when a lot of its Arab population might have subsequently fled.

10. Russia: Its 1914 borders minus Congress Poland (but plus Suwalki Gubernia) and minus Finland but plus southern Sakhalin, all of the Kuril Islands other than the bottom four islands, a bit more territory on the Korean border to have a longer border with Korea, Mongolia, Xinjiang, northern Afghanistan, the Caspian Sea coastline of Iran, Ottoman Armenia, and the Trebizond area. Of course, I would also be willing to let territories such as western Ukraine also secede from the Russian Empire if they genuinely want to do this.

Anyway, any thoughts on this list of mine?