Idi Amin's hostage taking

Oct 2008
I think I saw in "The last king of Scotland" Idi Amin helped some terrorist marxist palestinians in a hostage taking operation

He had some demands for seting the hostages free
One of them was that some of his friends should be able to go to England and study there, or something like that

I was wondering if that novel really has this or if this is historically factual, any refrences will be welcomed
Jul 2006
Bemidji, Minnesota
I have not heard anything about that particular request. It would be an odd thing to do, because it would be the hostage taking itself that would cause Britain to sever ties completely and finally with Uganda, closing down their High Commission, etc. I think it would have been far easier for a Ugandan to study in England prior to this happening.

Also, the hijackings were primarily carried out by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-External Operations, a group that had a fall out with the original Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The Marxists were simply two members of the Revolutionare Zellen.
Jul 2008
Idi Amin was a dictator and a megalomaniac who created a lot of problems for Uganda. The high jacking was a real event and the freeing of the hostages by the Israeli rescue operation was very dramatic.
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It is an incident well worth reading up on.


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Nov 2007
It happened. I can't remember that much off-hand, so I suggest that you google Mogadishu.