If Alexander the Great was more concerned about personal safety


Ad Honorem
Dec 2015
The untimely death of Alexander the Great was certainly related to his numerous injuries, and he
sustained the most severe injury in India.
Let's assume he was more concerned about personal safety and sustained almost no injuries,
what might happen?
Keep in mind that not necessarily the best warrior led the military; Wei Rui was one of the finest general
of the North and South Dynasty; he did not engage in any personal combats (he was known for his delicate
physique) and lived to a ripe age of 78.
Ever since the age of firearms, the warrior capacity of commanders diminished; their abilities to lead (mostly
subordinates) still matter a lot.
Why was Alexander the Great injured so much?
What might have happened if Alexander the Great lived to a ripe age of 50?
We know that Timurlane lived to be almost 70, yet his empire dissolved after his death.
Mar 2016
Had he lived a couple of decades more, his son would be in his late teens to early twenties, and I think we can safely assume Alexander would give him a strong military education just as his own father Philip did for him, most probably taking him on campaign with him and allowing him to amass valuable experience. Assuming he gains the trust and loyalty of his subordinates and the other Macedonian generals (assuming there would be any left at this point, rather than native Persian sycophants as gathered around Alexander before his death), then upon Alexander's death in his 50s, his successor would be a young, healthy man in his early 20s, with plenty of military experience and hopefully the trust and loyalty of his high-ranking generals, which was mostly the case upon Alexander's own accession to king. Other than that we can't really make any solid predictions, because any number of external events could have occurred to throw all of this off.