If East Austria remains under Soviet occupation, is West Austria going to join West Germany?


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May 2014
If East Austria remains under Soviet occupation after 1955 (which would mean no Soviet offer to withdraw from there in exchange for permanent Austrian neutrality), is West Austria going to join West Germany or is West Austria going to remain its own independent state?

For what it's worth, here is a map of the post-WWII occupation zones in Germany and Austria. The orange areas are those that were occupied by the Soviet Union:

@deaf tuner: Any thoughts on this scenario of mine?
Oct 2013
Until WWII, there wasn't such a thing as "Austrians": they were "Germans"

It's basically Nazism and the Anschluss that formed the identity of "Austrians": a non-German nation speaking German.

So no, I don't see Austria becoming another German lander. Part of W Germany? No way!

To me it's a "dead-end if", this one (sorry!)
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May 2014
Would West Austria have actually been viable as an independent state, though?

Also, would West Austria have reunified with East Austria after the collapse of Communism?


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Also, what about this question of mine? :
The likely capital of West Austria would be Salzburg. I think it would be a lovely little state. I've been in Vienna several times and it's worth visiting. But the tours were all in German. I still remember going to a restaurant and ordering in German. I messed up one word for a menu item and the server took my German menu and gave me an English one with higher prices. I left without ordering. Let them go to the Russians!
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I cannot see the Western powers permitting any type of Union of Austria or part of Austria with Germany. In fact the Austrian State Treaty--the peace treaty between the wartime UN and restored Austria that saw the end of occupation, expressly forbade it, as had of course the Versailles Treaty (fat good that was). Interestingly the "Final Settlement" peace treaty between the "Big Four" and both Germanys in 1990 that allowed re-unification, did not ban any merger with another State and one wonders what Austria's position is regarding their 1955 treaty and current EU integration.
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