If ethnocentrism and racialism is bad, what about Zionism and Jewish ethnocentrism?

Jan 2014
The great irony of this is, of course, that the child of a Jewish mother and a non-Jewish father would still be considered halakhically Jewish. Thus, if such a marriage is good enough to produce Jewish children, why not approve of this marriage?
I read about life of Yiddish Jews in Shtetls of "Pale of Settlements". There were no such rule. Children of nonJewish father didnt considered as Jews. Even such Jewish mother often considered as former Jew. I think this rule was only about children of Jewish father and Jewish mother. Which had incomplete status in Jewish community. Children of nonJewish father were not included in Jewish community at all.


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Oct 2011
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If ethnocentrism and racialism is to be unqualifiedly bad and evil, or at least immoral, then why is ZIonism or Jewish ethnocentrism placed in a different category, or at the very least it is widely recognized as legitimate concern, say when a Rabbi bemoans the lack or Jews marrying other Jews, and how instead most Jews choose to marry nonJews instead, thus diluting the Jewish culture and ethnicity.
Zionism is a kind of nationalism. All peoples that recognized them as "nations" know a form of nationalism. When a people has got a homeland [a state, a legal country] there will be also patriotism.

Since all nationalisms can be rhetorically described as "ethnocentric" and "racialist", I suspect the OP is rhetoric and oriented, wanting to give to the discussion a planned direction. This usually means to have an agenda.
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