If France doesn't fall in 1940, are Britain and France actually going to have the capability to conquer and occupy all of Germany?


Ad Honoris
May 2014
Sure, but that's not the issue of this discussion, which is based around the fact that Germany would still invade Poland in 1939. And in the scenario that it goes badly, the German people would be less angry at Hitler and his government if they conditionally surrendered rather than let their country be conquered and decimated by the invading Allies. With enough guile and cunning Hitler could still remain in power even if this happened, though his popularity would certainly take a massive hit.
Fair enough, I suppose--though one can't help but wonder if internal opponents of Hitler and Nazism are going to try launching a coup after Hitler signs a humiliating peace deal with Britain and France. Of course, they would have been likely to try launching a coup either way regardless of whether or not Germany would have continued the war.