If hunger, greed, wars, violence, poverty, imperfection was all gone...


Ad Honoris
Oct 2010
What would be next? There would be no problems left to fix...

Then the real challenge would begin. Human beings must have a challenge in life or they become disillusioned. If we think about early human beings, who sought merely to survive, eating day by day, not knowing what they would eat in a week's time, we see that they cared little for many of the things we now try to do. Today, some people grow rich and use the time and money they have to indulge in pleasure, but that becomes self destructive in short time and it makes them simple minded and making stupid choices. Others, however, reach the point where they don't need to work nor worry about tomorrow, yet they seek to improve themselves somehow. They build their bodies, minds and spirits by taking on challenges which benefit others as well as themselves. These are the people who are best suited to lead societies in the long run.

If humanity reached the point you described, it would depend on whether or not most of us would choose to indulge in pleasure or seek ways to improve by taking on challenges that would test our limits. I hope for the latter, since it is silly to think that all there is to strive for lies in eliminating problems which are obvious. There is so much more than this planet in this galaxy, and so much more than this galaxy in the universe. We know only existence that depends on time, but that doesn't have to be. What lies beyond the universe? What lies beyond time? I believe someday humanity will find out, and we will look back at a time when we sought to end hunger, violence, poverty and wars in the same way we now look back at the early humans who sought merely to survive from day to day.


Ad Honoris
Aug 2009
Imperfection can never be gone IMO. I think it may be possible that imperfection defines reality on a fundamental level, and thus will always be a part of the human experience.
Aug 2010
if all forms of misery, envy and sorrow were to just disappear and leave us with a utopian society then i don't believe our minds would be able to accept it. our lives i believe are defined by hardships which push us to rise above them.


Forum Staff
Jan 2007
If things got too boring, one could always scale a cliff with rubber-soled shoes, or jump out of an airplane, or something like that. There is no need to go around killing people.

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