If Jews in 1945 were given Alien technologies and access to the 2018 dimension



Ad Honorem
Dec 2015
The inspiration is a webnovel named the Neo-Ming Empire, which is about a speculative re-established Ming Empire
in the South East Asia from 1944 to present.
The protagonist is a "abducted" present day nobody; he has a 3 kilometre long Alien space craft and 200 female robots under him.
All of these female robots are superhuman as soldiers, spies, scientists, and inventors in this dimension; they cannot kill humans directly.
He also can "grab" something available from his original dimension; he introduces music and movies from his dimension.
Even with these advantages, he only forms a Southeast Asian Empire with Chinese majority.
Let's change the protagonist to a common Israeli citizen in 2018, and he became the leader of Israel.
How would these advantages change the borders of Israel?
How much more powerful would Israel become?
Likes: Futurist

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