If the USSR wasn't such a bad thing, then why did it collapse?

Jun 2019
I'm pretty sure that you've never lived through the 1990's and early 2000's.
1990's were an inevitable consequence of complete collapse of soviet economy in the 80's. A lot of workers were busy doing absolutely no
useful work in the USSR, and they could not integrate into the free market immediately. On the other hand the state had no money for unemployment
compensations. Of course, the civil war in Georgia increased these disasters dramatically.
But keeping late soviet status quo could lead to much more sad consequences.
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Excuse me, I do know what collectivism is and thinking you can judge me instead of explaining your meaning is a mistake.
Then you can answer my question rather than evading it woth some irrelevant nonsense.

I don't know you. Any judgement I make about you is based solely on what you write.
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Jun 2019
No single slave will ever say they were better before emancipation, but millions of Ex-Soviet citizens that are old enough to remember that period, miss the Soviet Union, especially its social programs, overall stability and lack of stress over life.
Social orientation of USSR is definitely exaggerated. In fact is was often dummy. Yeap, you could get a flat from the state for free, waiting only 10-15 years, but only if your initial accommodation was really crazy. 19 sq m room for 3 persons was considered good enough, not needing any enlargement.Stability in poverty can not be a dream. And, of course, soviet people had a lot of stress every day. Any purchase - foods, books, shoes, train tickets (in summer), etc. was a real quest, needing a lot of efforts to get acceptable goods.
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Dec 2015
USSR was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was created only in 1922. There were 15 Soviet Republic by 1985. Russia needs to conquer all of 14 post-Soviet Republics to bring back Soviet Union or they must willingly join Russia. However, there won't be USSR even if modern Russia conquers all of it's neighbors.

Now RSFSR is a different matter. RSFSR was Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and one of the Republics of USSR. It would require big societal and economical changes for modern Russia to become RSFSR again.

If RSFSR somehow emerges and then gains control of all other Republics, then USSR will return.

I'm pretty sure that you've never lived through the 1990's and early 2000's.
So, the People's Republic of China has already outlived the USSR by being pragmatic.


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Jan 2017
the People republic is 70 years old
the USSR lasted 70 years , so far it's a draw
Jun 2013
You are making a gross generalisation about an entire country of people. Some might say the sane about Americans.
Yes, you're absolutely right about that. That's why everyone wants to get into the USA. They want to live in perpetual misery.


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Does anyone here know if @Farquaad still posts on this forum? His suspension was only for one week, but afterwards, I'm not sure if he has ever actually resumed posting on this forum. Maybe he got upset or something. :(
Oct 2019
Historically speaking, Communist economy (close to total state controll and planned economy) is not Marx's invention, but it worked (in a more primitive way) on the territories of ancient era middle and near Eastern monarchies.