If the Vietnam war was wrong, why didn't the world stop America?


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Citizen of the Chinese state. If I am not mistaken, there isn't a "Chinese ethnicity". Maybe I am wrong on that.
But Tibetans in China ARE citizens of the Chinese state. So if that's your definition of "actually Chinese", then how could you say they are NOT "actually Chinese"?

Not at all.

Maybe You had written this before I edited my post. Reread it: if You still see it that way, I will respond You on the double standards.
Give specifics on how I am practicing double standards. Not vague statements. For example, did I support any separatist movements in other countries due to justifications that I am now dismissing?

You don't want to draw parallels between the Confederacy vs Union situation with that of the Tibetan situation, on vague basis of "different ethnicity" or younger nation. I don't see how that justifies the topic at hand. Perhaps be less vague about what you mean because it sounds like a justification for double standard.
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Apr 2013
Sorry, I wasn't talking ("bluffing") about history and reality. I was talking about a view on history and reality. It's a totally different thing.
a society does not have a sole view. and we knew the 14th dalai is told to consider tibet part of china. considering about the fact 14th dalai is one of those who are not happy about ccp and prc, with this conservative bound of dalai, it is safe to say most tibet are fine with tibet being part of china.

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Oct 2013
Give specifics on how I am practicing double standards. ….
It seems we have a communication problem: I was referring to my double standards ! (cf Your "… So different standards for different countries, eh? …")
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Oct 2013
Thank You.

So, without Soviet pressure, Mongols would be Chinese now.

I suppose we can agree that if now Mongols, unlike Tibetans, are "foreigners" (independent) is not based on their actual appartenance or non-appartenance to Chinese but based on external/political motifs.

All that it's actually invalidating the argument of "foreigners" or "Chinese".

Tibetan are Chinese not because they are Chinese, but because nobody stopped China from keeping them being Chinese.
But Mongols are Chinese... Mongols have been part of the multiracial Chinese Civilization State for some time, along with Han and Tibetans.

It is just so that there is another Mongolia that is not part of the multicultural civilization state but is a uniracial ethno state on its own.
Nov 2016
It's a fair question - to look for trouble look for US policy change on Taiwan, it changed from supporting independence to a one China policy under Richard Nixon.
May 2017
So, what you're telling me is the people over at Quora..... wrong?
Quora is a social media site and is hardly representative of anything other than some commentator's opinions. Heck, I came across a few people at quora who claim they practice witchcraft and that magic is real..


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Well, I can throw a coin, or a marble, with my right hand, roughly to my right, slightly forward, and you wud later see it in my left hand.
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