If Turkey enters WWII on the Axis side and subsequently loses the war, how much territory is it going to lose?


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May 2014
If Turkey enters WWII on the Axis side and subsequently loses the war together with the rest of the Axis, how much territory is it going to lose?

It's an interesting question because while Germany heavily suffered for its participation in WWII, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria got off pretty lightly territorially-wise--though the latter three did have to endure decades of Communist rule afterwards. Thus, I'm wondering what kind of treatment an Axis Turkey is going to get after the end of WWII. Is Turkey going to maintain its independence after WWII or become a Soviet satellite state? Also, which territories are the victorious Allies going to strip from Turkey after the end of WWII--and who is going to get what?

FWIW, there were large Christian minorities in some parts of Turkey as late as the early 20th century:

Granted, a lot of these minorities (especially the Greeks and Armenians) got ethnically cleansed as a result of WWI and its aftermath, but in spite of this, their historical presence in these territories could motivate Greece and/or the Soviet Union to make claims to some or all of these territories after the end of WWII in this scenario.

Anyway, any thoughts on this?
Apr 2017
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For a time Greece was Britain's sole ally on the continent in WW2 (from the fall France to the German invasion of the USSR) so it might have backed the return of Constantinople to Greece. It depends on how much trouble Turkey caused for Britain. The USSR might want to annex some land in the east of Turkey and expand Soviet Armenia.

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