If you could watch a real battle, what would it be.

Jan 2015
Oh, gosh, seeing ANY ancient battle would answer a HUGE number of ongoing questions, so it's hard to pick!

--Marathon, or Plataea, I suppose
--Alesia, or any of Caesar's major actions in Gaul
--Roman landing in Britain, 43 AD

Just to see clothing colors, overall amount of armor, and what exactly happened when two forces collided would be worth a glimpse of just a few minutes!



Ad Honorem
Aug 2009
Athens, Greece
Hmm, so many to list...anyway, to mention a few:

-The fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans, 29 May 1453 AD. To taste the despair and gravity of the day, and to see with my own eyes what happened to the last emperor, Constantinos Palaiologos.

-The second Arab siege of Constantinople (717-718 AD), to finally witness the Greek Fire at work.

-The first day of the battle of the Somme (1916) and a day from the battle of Stalingrad, to see the horrors of modern warfare.

-Battles of Marathon (490 BC), Thermopylae and Salamina (480 BC), to see the Greek phalanxes and triremes at the height of their glory. And watch the fate of king Leonidas.

-The battle of Gaugamela (331 BC), to see Alexander the Great in the flesh, the Companion cavalry and the Macedonian phalangites at battle.

The battle of Cannae (216 BC) and the siege of Alesia (52 BC).
Aug 2015
The battle of Hastings to see what really happened to Harold (I suspect he was the man run down by armed cavalry rather than the one with the sword in his head).

The battle of Bosworth to see how it really panned out (and where it actually was).

Waterloo as it (imho) is the 'ultimate' in battles before the modern age of warfare, with artillery barrages, cavalry charges and the tide of battle turning one way then the other.
Jan 2015
Though I have a question for this forum. do you guys role play?
I used to do typical fantasy role-playing gaming (Dungeons and Dragons, of course!). Since 1980 I've been a historical reenactor, from Bronze Age through the American Revolution. So little questions like "What color?" are HUGE!

Feb 2016
I’d like almost all of them to be witnessed to get a clearer more realistic understanding of what happened.

However I would rather not have to watch it myself. As exciting and interesting it is to read about.... I think seeing it happen first hand might ruin my hobby for me.

And Hastings would take all my willpower to not intervene and try and save Harold... stop The Bastard from winning.