If you could watch a real battle, what would it be.

Sep 2017
United States
I'd love to see the Battle of Chalons/Catalaunian Plains against Attila. See how the ragged, mostly foedarti Western Roman army looked in its final victory.


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Jan 2017
It would have to be prior to widespread use of gunpowder ,
battlefields were notoriously wreathed in smoke with nobody having much of a clue what was going on

the battle of Towton , that was some solid hacking
Mar 2016
The Battle of the Pyramids (1798); seeing thousands of Mamluk cavalry wielding sabres charging against and being repelled by the highly disciplined line infantry squares of the French Revolutionary army led by Napoleon, with the Nile nearby and the Pyramids in the distance, would be quite the sight.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
Good grief, there's so many ...

I guess I'd like to see Waterloo the most.

Otherwise I'd also like to see Hastings, Leuten, Yorktown, Borodino, Leipzig, Balaclava, Isandlwana, Rorke's Drift, Siege of Lucknow and Beijing, Passchendaele, IR 87 defending Mount Škabrijel on the Isonzo Front, Kobarid (Caporetto), Dunkirk, D-Day and many more.


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Jun 2014
For me, the Battle of Waterloo and the Battle of Gettysburg. I would love to be able to observe the tactics at play, especially for Waterloo.