If you were a Balt (Lithuanian, Latvian, or Estonians), would you have preferred to become part of the German Empire or remain part of Russia?

Would you have preferred to become part of Germany or Russia if you were a Balt?

  • Become part of the German Empire

  • Remain part of (a non-Bolshevik) Russia

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Ad Honoris
May 2014
BTW, it's interesting that, along with Germany, Latvia and Estonia were among the few countries that still used Fraktur at the start of the 20th century:

Dec 2017
Regnum Teutonicum
If I were a Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian, I would want to live in an independent Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia. If I had only those to choices and I had to pick one, I would go for Germany. The reason for this would be the example of the Memellaenders. They were a baltic people living (their ancestors immigrated there and then the ethnogenesis took place there) in german lands (Teutonic Order/Prussia/Germany/Prussia/Germany). The Memellaenders with the help of Germans were the first to develop a written language, book, bible, grammar, dictionary of a standard language, university seminar, newspaper, ornate poetry and many other things in a lithuanian language.
Additionally they were integrated in all aspect of life and had access to economic development. A quote form Ulla Lachauer: „…because of the century old history, they [the Memellaenders] were tightly connected with Prussia; and with the Lithuanians living beyond the border in the tsardom, they had not much more in common than the relation oft he languages, some customs, songs and habits of the farmers. They were devotional protestant, not catholic like those over there, had as farmers part in the economic progress of Prussia,…“

So access to education, Bildung, culture, land, economy, politics, liberty, being able to use your language, and so on. The price for this being a slow assimilation into the german people (but chosen individually).
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