If You Were Incharge of the History Channel


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Jan 2007
I think part of the problem is that History has a cast of thousands and the bulk of it happened outdoors. That combination is expensive to film, and the incidence of history buffs won't support it.
May 2013
New Zealand
I would end all the documentaries about ancient aliens and UFOS because that is just stupid.

I would put in documentaries about the origins of Chaldeans and Assyrians.

History channel is created purely to entertain the audience.

Even before the history channel became bad the historical documentaries like Rome rise and fall of an empire were bad as they made up facts for their documentaries and was dominated by Yankee commentators who just reinforced what was happening re explaining what was already said.
May 2013
New Zealand
I don't think I could make a huge difference on the state the history channel is in now it will continue going down hill .
May 2013
Hays Kansas (ex Australian)
Step one - scrap everything you have now

Get a website with forum and promote the crap out of it - Get viewers telling you what they want.

Start hoovering up historical tv series. China Beach, Mash, Navy log etc

Pay attention to the date. April 14 - run Titanic movies. December 5th - Pearl Harbor movies so on and so forth.

Look to overseas markets for historical documentaries. base your selections on the feedback you are getting on the forums.


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Jan 2011
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Yes, pretty much what I would do. I would also have Time Team (early series) showing every day. :)
It is. UK sky satellite channel 536 'Discovery history' unfortunately only in off peak viewing hours, in primetime its still full of duck shooting antique selling good ole blue collar men.