Illiterate military officers in the 20th century

May 2018
I recall some really dumb 2LT's with bachelor's degree who were 'virtually' illiterate. As in, I had to explain why burning SINCGARS batteries with JP8 was a bad idea.
Sep 2018
There weren't that many illiterate people generally in the 20th century
I guess we will have to disagree about that claim. China, the largest population on earth, had widespread illiteracy up to the end of the Civil War. Likewise, there were plenty of regions across Africa and Southeast Asia where illiteracy was common at the lower echelons during the whole first half of the 20th century. Third world or not, it's not as though these places only had scattered incidents of illiteracy. In China, for instance, the illiteracy rate in 1949 was 80%. I don't know about you, but I define that as "many people."

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