In a historic moment, Saudi Arabia and its Arabic coalition declares war on Yemen

Jan 2015
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Jun 2013
South Korea (A Marxist-Leninist country based in S
Should the whole world get ready to invade Saudi Arabia? And while at it, get rid of the world-wide Wahhabist foundation.
Jun 2013
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The world will support its allies from Saudi Arabia, double standarts will be applied again. So far, I know nothing about insurgents, so they could be freedom fighters or terrorists, but double standards will be surely applied here by the West.
Jun 2013
Siberia, deep in taiga
Should the whole world get ready to invade Saudi Arabia? And while at it, get rid of the world-wide Wahhabist foundation.
All the sunni states in the region are taking part in the operation and they are backed by The US. It's not about stability in Yemen, it's all about genocide of shiite. Remember Ukraine 2014 or Georgia 2008.


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Jan 2011
Saudi Arabia launches military operation in Yemen - envoy - BBC News

The Houthis: Zaidi Shia-led rebels from the north, who seized control of Sanaa last year and have since been expanding their control

President Hadi: Backed by military and police loyalists, and by militia known as Popular Resistance Committees, he is trying to fight back against the rebels from his stronghold in the south

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula: Seen by the US as the most dangerous offshoot of al-Qaeda, AQAP opposes both the Houthis and President Hadi.

Islamic State: A Yemeni affiliate of IS has recently emerged, which seeks to eclipse AQAP.


Since this is not sanctioned by the UN I am waiting to see how much "outrage" the MSM will express at this blatant violation of international law.... I am guessing there wont be much because

In the US, White House spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said President Barack Obama had authorised logistical and intelligence support for the operation.
But she stressed that "US forces are not taking direct military action in Yemen".

So we have potus supporting an illegal invasion of a country... Interesting
Jun 2013
Siberia, deep in taiga
And this is why I think the US government should support Iran.
Why don't they stay out of these gaugmire of tribal and religious wars? Instead they start backing Saudis without even waiting for global reaction. This royal family of Sauds aiming to kill everyone who is not wahhabi by means of such organisations like Al-Quaeda transformed in Al Nusra in Syria, ISIS, and even Talibs are infiltrated by ISIS adherents. They kill everyone who is not like them right now in the Middle East.

Though, Iran also wants to have friendly Yemen, a small battle in a proxy war between them through Iraq and Syria earlier, and an opportunity to threaten saudi oil wells which could give boost to Crude Oil trade.

I think my country should back Iran in this proxy war, since it would make oil prices go up...

What interests me is: we see almost the same members of anti-ISIS airbombing coalition. Will they be as reluctant to bomb Yemeni shiites as they were in case with ISIS? 150 000 soldiers are marching to Yemeni borders...I would want to have a look at it.
Feb 2011
I have to say I see the Shiites in the Middle East mostly in the defensive and only reacting to rising Sunni extremism. Hopefully, the Yemen intervention will become the Vietnam quagmire for the corrupt and bigotted Saudi regime.
Nov 2014
President of Yemen escaped to Oman, situation develops very swiftly. The question now is what Iran will do, for now they expressed concern about that and demand from Saudies to cancel the operation, if it will cause open conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran it will change the world seriously.